Our Services

Filming / Imagery

We use high quality professional equipment to capture film and images for any requirements.

Property Images & Video  

Capturing Aerial images & video of your chosen subject eg. Property, event, marketing, landscapes, commissions etc...

Roof Survey - Mapping & reports

We use industry leading technology capture and generate reports on any roof The orthomosaic construction from images gathered on site combined with specific processing allows accurate measurement of roof to enable accurate calculation of construction/repair costs. . 

Construction - Survey, Project monitoring, mapping & measurement

If you want to capture construction project progress to enable on time delivery, review build versus plan or manage stakeholders with footage, imagery and measurements we can help.

Agriculture - Crop management, farming efficiency

A new area for Aerial Perspective is providing crop analysis through photogrammetry. This helps farmers and agronomists understand there crops needs efficiently and effectively helping to maximise crop yield and therefore profits.